Accelerating Business

Experts in commercialising your new products; Professionals in business growth.
We give you expert, practical advice & actions on making new products a reality, and develop existing products and markets.

Alpha Seven is an agency specialising in business acceleration:

  • Commercialising new products
  • Business development & growth

Our services are delivered in a number of different ways from straight consultancy to training; we have also been known to pull our sleeves up and take part in the delivery.

About Alpha Seven

We believe – you are the experts in your field, our job is to get that expertise out of you and apply it.

We explore, we facilitate, & we get the best out of you and your team. We develop your messages so your customers “get it”. We may teach some skills, & mostly we develop the skills you already have. We don’t preach!

This is based on many years of our own self-discovery working across different sectors and with sometimes very demanding and challenging customers & situations.

About You

What you get from us – straight forward, practical advice. No bull, just clearly identified ways to make your business develop.

You get – new products launched confidently

You get – business growth

You get – strategy development & practical actions leading to results

You get – tried and proven systems for commercialisation & growth

You get – expert marketing materials supporting every part of your business

You get – support & assistance in making your vision reality

We’ll take you through a process of clearly identified steps & actions. Through gaining a deep understanding of your business, we map out a strategic plan with practical steps, and support you as needed through the process of product launch or business growth.

We work with you in consultancy or training roles, we take the approach of what works best and delivering that.